Connecting the best new programming talent in Alabama with innovative companies.
Find your career with CodingSolutions

CodingSolutions’ highly competitive job readiness program prepares new top-of-their-class computer science graduates for success in career positions with innovative companies across Alabama.

Our candidates get fast-tracked right to the top of the hiring list with thriving companies for well-paying, long-term careers. Hiring partners know they can count on CodingSolutions to prepare programming talent to start contributing on day one.

No contracts, freelancing, or part-time gigs. We always place programmers in career positions with the best companies in the state.

Our Program

Each candidate gets insights on their desired career path and are matched with companies who align with these interests. We provide hands-on learning by placing candidates in real teams to work together on real application development. Candidates will work with GitHub, GitLab, DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, Slack, and more. Our goal is to prepare each candidate to be an effective and professional team member.

Tools You'll Use

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Our Mission

Alabama is our home. We want to see our local and state economies thrive, and we believe one of the best ways to do that is by retaining top tech talent. Graduates leave because they don’t think they can find the job they want at home. There are amazing developers and extraordinary companies from Muscle Shoals to Mobile, and it’s our mission to connect the best programmers with the best companies in the state.

For Candidates

Through strategic partnerships with colleges and universities, we want to help the best programmers coming out of school to find their dream jobs right here in Alabama. We advocate for our candidates because we’ve trained them ourselves. We know each one of them has what it takes to succeed on a team and to help grow Alabama companies.

For Hiring Partners

From lean, agile startups to large, respected corporations, CodingSolutions strives to create relationships with hiring partners of all kinds to place top talent in good jobs. Just like we vet all of our candidates, we thoughtfully get to know our hiring partners as well. We can be confident in placing developers with these partner companies because we know they hold the same values we do.